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Frequently Asked Questions

Who may be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

Catholic cemeteries serve members of the Catholic community, as well as non-Catholic spouses, children, parents, and other relatives.  Christians with a connection to the Catholic Church may also be buried in a Catholic cemetery.


Are there advantages to buying burial space before my family actually needs it?

Yes.  By making arrangements in advance, families can avoid confusion at the time of bereavement and assure themselves of burial arrangements in the location they desire.


Should I buy space for the entire family?

Many families decide to purchase adjoining plots to form

a family group.


Do I have to pay a monthly maintenance fee?


How do I pay for my burial arrangements?

You may pay through single or multiple payments.


Is there any chance my grave will be re-sold after a specified number of years?
No.  The purchaser has an exclusive and permanent right of use. 


Do Catholic cemeteries accept cremated remains?


Is it necessary to get permission from my priest in order to be cremated?

No, it is not a requirement, but it may be helpful to discuss your questions and decisions with your priest.


If I'm divorced and remarried can I be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

Yes.  For more information, or if you have additional questions, please contact your parish priest.


Can someone who committed suicide be buried in a Catholic cemetery?

Yes.  It is recognized that those who die from the act of suicide deserve understanding and compassion.

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